Burner Homeplace

Located in Cass, West Virginia, the Burner Homeplace is one of the oldest house in Cass Historic District.  The house serves as a living museum and pottery studio for Allison Flegel, a descendant of the Burners.

The 130-year-old Burner Homeplace is the oldest house in the Cass Historic District, built by Allen Craig Burner, with help from his sons and brothers in about 1885. The house had been the center of a large tract of land owned by the Burners. This was sold off in lots to those who wanted to build homes in East Cass as the C&O Railroad and the timber mill arrived in Cass for the industrial boom in the early 1900s.Originally the home of Allen Craig and his wife Virginia Clark Burner, this historic building has remained in the family through the descendants of the youngest son, Dr. Allen Eugene Burner.