June 14, 2019

SETI Tour @ Green Bank Observatory

The Green Bank Observatory SETI Tour celebrates Green Bank's historic Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. The tour begins with an exclusive presentation right in the control room of the historic 85-1 Telescope where the search began with Frank Drake's OZMA project. From there, guests enjoy rare admittance inside the 140-foot telescope where Jill Tartar's Project Phoenix took place and then to normally-restricted Green Bank Telescope access points. The tour ends in the Drake Lounge where you will be greeted by one of Green Bank Observatory's astronomers and learn about the future of SETI as the Green Bank Telescope embarks on the new Breakthrough Listen Proejct. If you've ever wanted to be inside the Green Bank Observatory's operation control rooms or to speak to one of our radio astronomers in person, then this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Select Fridays from 1:00-3:30 p.m.; $40/person. Dude to high demand and limited capacity, advance reservations are strongly suggested. Limit 20 participants max., 4 minimum; age 12 and up. Hard hats and light refreshments provided.

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Green Bank Observatory





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