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As you’ve noticed, we have a very large, world-recordsmashing-sized telescope here in Pocahontas County. But in order for the Green Bank Telescope to perform its job, it needs a quiet, peaceful place in which to exist - free from harmful radio frequency broadcasts. There are over 13,000 square miles of land in this area designated as the National Quiet Zone. Sometimes, your cell phones may not work, so here is a list of public phones visitors can easily access. We’ve also listed where you’ll have cell phone service away from your lodging location WiFi, a list of the bank ATMs, and pharmacies as well as the hospital, just in case you need any medical attention.Click here for a downloadable PDF

Pay Phone
Rt 219, outside Frontier Central office
Watoga State Park Riverside Campground (2)
Watoga State Park Maintenance Area
Watoga State Park Headquarters Building
Cell Service – Yes AT&T provider
ATM – None
Pay Phone
Rt 219, Buckeye Country Market
Cell Service – No
ATM - None
Pay Phone
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital
Marlinton Motor Inn - Rt 219
Fast Check – 3rd Avenue
J & P Furniture – 8th Street
Little General – Rt 219 Marlinton
Frontier Central Office – 3rd Avenue
Court House on 10th Avenue
Cell Service – Yes AT&T provider
City National Bank – 3rd Avenue @ 8th Street
First Citizens Bank – 2nd Avenue @ 8th Street
Pendleton Community Bank – Rt 219,south of
Rite Aid
Little General Rt 219 @ Rt 39 Marlinton
Pay Phone
Edray Food Mart – Rt 219 @ Woodrow Road
Cell Service – No
ATM – No
Huntersville/Minnehaha Springs/Seneca State Forest
Pay Phone
Seneca State Forest
Huntersville – Rt 39 Stop
Minnehaha Springs on Rt 39
Cell Service – No
ATM – No

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Pay Phone

Green Bank/Arbovale
Pay Phone
Henry’s Market – Rt 92/28 Green Bank
NRAO – Visitor Center (2)
Frontier Central Office – Rt 28 – Arbovale
Cell Service – No
ATM – National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Pay Phone
Boyer – Rt 28 - Ryder’s Service Station
Bartow – Rt [email protected] Hermitage Motel
Bartow - Exxon Station
Cell Service – No
ATM – No
Snowshoe Mountain
Pay Phone - No
Cell Service – Yes
Rt 60 at base of Snowshoe Mountain
Top of the World Check-In
Shavers Center Food Court
Across from Junction Restaurant
Hospital Rt 219, 2 miles north of Marlinton
Rite Aid, Rt 219, Marlinton
Pocahontas Pharmacy, Duncan Rd, Marlinton

We cannot guarantee that all the public phones work all the
time. If you experience a public telephone that is out of
service, please let us know ASAP so we may notify the
phone company. Call us at 800.336.7009

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