Snowshoe Highlands Ride Center is now a designated Silver IMBA Ride Center!

Featuring some of the most rough and rugged mountain biking in the East Coast, see for yourself what makes Pocahontas County, WV a mountain biking mecca! 

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Murals In Marlinton

Molly Must- At work...

Thanks to Molly Must for brightening up the area with her colorful and poignant murals. ARTIST STATEMENT I am passionate about stories.  I believe it is important to use art as a means of illustrating experiences that people would otherwise have a hard time imagining and understanding.  Some of my murals I consider to be “historical fiction”, like the work of writers who weave illustrious tales in between known pieces of history, to create juicy stories that are more moving than the initial dry facts they’re born of.  Many of my paintings are like this.  I like to illustrate characters and events that actually existed in the past, and though I may not always be able to find precise details, I try to conjure up juicy images that communicate a meaningful likeness.  I particularly like making pictures in public places where I feel the work holds much more weight and can be accessed by all people, outside of the commercial realm in which paintings move from galleries into private homes where relatively few people observe them.  I love making murals because I know that multiple people are likely looking at my art at any given moment, and maybe some of those people are feeling surprised and inspired.  My murals usually portray some story that is relevant to their location, and I like to think that they give people a deeper sense of place.  

Over Bonnie

View the Interactive Over Bonnie Mural

Pocahontas County artist Molly Must created the Over Bonnie mural in downtown Marlinton, an ode to the West Virginia poet laureate and Buckeye, W. Va.-born Louise McNeill. The mural illustrates the transformation of Appalachia in the 19th and 20th century from the writings of local G.D. McNeill and the poems of his daughter, Louise. Click the photo below to go to an interactive page on the mural where you can learn more! [...View the Mural...]

Civil War Mural

View The Interactive Civil War Mural

The  7 by 15 foot mural, located along Rt 39 going west on Rt 39 in Marlinton, has a wide variety of images of soldiers and civilians, including Molly’s great great great great (4 greats) grandmother, who lived at Marlin’s Bottom, site of present day Marlinton, and organized a bucket brigade of women to put out a fire on the old covered bridge across the Greenbrier when it was torched by marauding troops. [...View the mural...]

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