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Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

An adventure like none other - step back in time and experience Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. Stay in a renovated company house, ride the scenic train and check out the Cass Company Store all at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park!

Step back into time and experience a stay at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park!

Founded in 1901 by the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, the town of Cass has remained essentially frozen in time. The town is still lined with company houses, available for guests to now stay in for a true, authentic Cass Scenic Railroad State Park stay.

While the logging boom has come and gone - Cass Scenic Railroad State Park is now open for visitors and guests to enjoy and soak in the history of the unique mountain town. Shop, dine and explore! The Cass Company Store offers retail and souvenirs that make wonderful gifts, and Last Run Restaurant is housed next door to the store. Offering homemade, home cooked meals, Last Run Restaurant offers daily specials, sandwiches and desserts. The restaurant was also featured in West Virginia's "101 Unique Places to Dine." Also located in the town of Cass are the shops at Leatherbark Ford, where you can find handmade items such as paintings, quilts, blackmithing, baskets and more all made by local artisans.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Parks offers scenic train rides on their historical engines via the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad -to view rides and package options, click here.

Whittaker Station
1.5 hour round trip
Whittaker Station is located four miles up the track from Cass. The excursion includes two switchbacks that allow the train to gain quick elevation at a rate of 9 feet for every 100 feet of track (9% grade).
There is a 30-minute layover at Whittaker Station, the location of the authentic logging camp recreated by the volunteers of the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association. At the station, passengers have the opportunity to use the restroom and tour the camp.   

Bald Knob
4.5 hour round trip
At an elevation of 4,842 feet, Bald Knob is the third highest mountain in West Virginia. Located 11 miles up the mountain from Cass, the Bald Knob overlook offers spectacular views (on a clear day) into two states. 
A “King of the Road” Hobo lunch is served on-board after the Old Spruce junction. There is a 30-minute layover at the Bald Knob viewing area to enjoy the view or use the restrooms available there.  Bring a sweater or jacket. Temperature changes due to elevation.

Wild Heart Adventure Package
Beginning with the 2015 season, Mountain Rail Adventures launched an historic transportation system for outdoor recreation that will only expand what Pocahontas County – Nature’s Playground of West Virginia – has to offer. The Wild Heart of West Virginia adventure package allows riders to connect between the Cass Scenic Railroad and the Cheat Mountain Salamander, a diesel-powered passenger train originating in Elkins. This new multi-day adventure package brings passengers from Elkins to Cass and Cass to Elkins with lodging and special attractions.

Other Mountain Rail Attractions
In the event you miss the 2:15 PM Whittaker excursion, drive over to nearby Durbin to enjoy the afternoon Durbin Rocket train, powered by one of the three operating Climax steam locomotives in the world!
Durbin is 29 min (19.2 mi) via WV-92 N from Cass.

A Bit of History:
The rugged mountain country of Pocahontas County was a latecomer in the railroad boom that swept America during the second half of the 19th century. The use of trains to haul lumber off the mountains was impractical until 1880, when Ephriam Shay invented a geared steam locomotive capable of managing the steep mountain grades and sharp curves.
By 1899, track was being laid at a rate of a mile a day and on October 26, 1900, the first train pulled into Marlinton and by the end of the year, the railroad’s primary objective, Cass, had been reached. The traditions and the heritage of railroading and timber come alive for visitors to Pocahontas County. The loggers may be gone, but our trains are still going full steam ahead.
The Cass Scenic Railroad is the same line built in 1901 to haul lumber to the mill in Cass. The locomotives are the same Shay locomotives used in Cass during that time. Cass is the home to the world’s largest fleet of geared Shay locomotives. Six Shays, one Heisler and one Climax reside here. The legendary turn-of-the-century class C-80 Shay, #5 has been toiling up Cheat Mountain for nearly 100 years, making it one of the oldest engines in continuous service on its original line. It is also the second oldest Shay in existence.

Are you looking for the perfect summer giveaway? What if you could win won for free?! Cass Scenic Railroad State Park is excited to announce the Cass Discovery Package! 

The all new Cass Discovery Package includes: 3 night stay in one of Cass historic company houses, 2 tickets to Whittaker Station, 2 tickets to Green Bank Observatory, guided hike down the Greenbrier River Trail, free hay ride, 10% discount on meal at Last Run Restaurant and so much more! 

To enter Cass Scenic Railroad State Park's giveaway - just click this link here and follow the instructions in the Facebook post to enter! 

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CASS SCENIC RAILROAD 19 miles south of Durbin, WV, via WV 92-S. DURBIN ROCKET and CASTAWAY CABOOSE US route 250, 36 miles south of Elkins, WV; 70 miles north of Staunton,

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Latitude : 38.39724
Longitude: -79.91436

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