Sustainability in Pocahontas County

The Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau is dedicated to promoting tourism which strengthens our community through job creation and education, while protecting the environment, sharing our culture and preserving our history. Hospitality and stewardship are two of our root values to sustainable tourism. We recognize how valuable both are to local quality of life and the guest experience.

The Pocahontas County CVB is a partner with Leave No Trace and promotes the Seven Principles of environmental stewardship to minimize user-impacts to the outdoors.

Leave No Trace Seven Principles:

  1. Dispose of waste properly (foster a litter free world)
  2. Respect wildlife
  3. Leave what you find
  4. Minimize campfire impacts
  5. Be considerate of others
  6. Plan ahead and prepare
  7. Travel and camp on durable surfaces (travel on the designated trails)

The Pocahontas County CVB also supports a litter free community campaign through the WVDEP annual Make It Shine initiative.

The Pocahontas County CVB is committed to cultivating an environment where our communities embrace their role in hospitality, stewardship and preserving our Mountain Culture in an effort to foster an appreciate for our region.

As guests in our county, we thank you for your shared commitment to environmental stewardship and appreciation for our authentic Mountain Culture.