Allegheny Trail

The Allegheny Trail (ALT) is West Virginia’s longest hiking trail a 311-miles. The Northern Terminus is located on the Mason Dixon Line along the West Virginia/Pennsylvania border. It traverses south until it meets the West Virginia/Virginia border on Peters Mountain where the Southern Terminus abuts the world-famous Appalachian Trail.  From Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, then onto Lake Sherwood, Pocahontas County falls within Sections 2 & 3 of the Allegheny Trail comprising 86 total miles and nearly 1/3 of the entire trail. The ALT is packed with natural diversity and offers hikers of all skill levels a challenge. 

The ALT was created in 1974 and has four distinct sections.  This long-trail was built and primarily maintained by the West Virginia Scenic Trails Association, an all-volunteer, nonprofit based organization. For more information on the Allegheny Trail, their upcoming event or more ways to get involved as a volunteer, visit