Find Your Secluded Cabin Getaway in Nature’s Mountain Playground

Mike Moore

Growing up, camping was a big part of my life.  From elementary school to high school, my family went camping, somewhere in the mountains of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, almost every summer.  I suppose throughout the course of those years I’ve camped in just about every type of shelter imaginable.  From simple tents to campers as well as the occasional RV, my family and I enjoyed the secluded, mountain campsites this great state affords those willing to venture out in search of them.  Of all the types of camping and campsites we visited way back then, the one we never had the opportunity to try was a site offering cabins in the woods.  It wasn’t that we were opposed to a nice cabin hidden away in a state park or national forest, it was more that, for as long as I can recall, we always had a tent or camper of some kind and didn’t feel the need to book a cabin. Well now that I’ve advanced in years and my back is somewhat reluctant of the notion of sleeping on the hard ground (my air mattress always deflated sometime in the night), the idea of a secluded cabin with all the creature comforts of home is beginning to sound more and more like a good idea.  If cabins are on the top of your bucket list of places to stay in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, then keep reading.  Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite cozy, secluded cabin getaways in Nature’s Mountain Playground.

Jerico Bed and Breakfast and Pre-civil War Cabins

If you’re looking for cabin lodging accommodations in Marlinton, you’ll want to check out Jerico Bed and Breakfast and Pre-civil War Cabins.  The cabins at Jerico feature hot tubs, fireplaces, an outdoor fire pit and picnic tables.  These cabins combine a secluded location feel while keeping you near the heart of Marlinton, making it easy to choose between a laid-back day at the cabin or a day out seeing the sights in and around town.  For further information give Jerico Cabins a call at 888-499-6241. 

Locust Hill Inn, Cabin, and Restaurant  

Locust Hill Inn, Cabin and Restaurant offers a relaxing cabin setting within walking (or riding) distance of the Greenbrier River Trail.  And if staying close to the cabin is more of what you have in mind, you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of a few pleasant distractions on the grounds of Locust Hill.  Whether you decide to try your luck at the fishing pond or a relaxing game of horseshoes, Locust Hill offers more than one way to kick back and unwind.  Wrap things up with a delicious meal in the cozy atmosphere of the Locust Hill restaurant and you’ve just about experienced the perfect day.  For more details call 304-799-5471.

Barnett Cabins

Located about eight miles south of Marlinton, Barnett Cabins is a pet friendly lodging option showcasing no less than six rustic cabins, each with all the creature comforts of home.  Whether you choose “The Hideaway”, a smaller cabin perfect for a solo or couple getaway, or the “Brookside”, ideal for a big family outing, Barnett Cabins offers a picturesque setting for anyone looking to enjoy the cabin experience in Nature’s Mountain Playground.  For information on rates and available dates, call 304-653-4590. 

Greenbrier River Cabins

If you like to add the element of a lazy flowing river to your secluded cabin experience, you’ll want to take a look at Greenbrier River Cabins.  Located in Seebert, Greenbrier River Cabins offers four charming cabins each situated between the Greenbrier River and the Greenbrier River Trail.  Spend your day floating on the river and biking the trail just by walking out your front door.  Choose from a two-, three-, or four-bedroom cabin and enjoy the relaxing surroundings of the Greenbrier River.  For more information call 304-653-4646.

Watoga State Park   

When it comes to a secluded cabin location, it’s hard to find one better than Watoga State Park.  About 15 miles east of Marlinton, Watoga is the largest state park in West Virginia and features over 30 cabin rentals.  Choose from their Legacy Cabins, Classic Cabins, or their Vacation Cabins.  Ranging in occupancy from two to six guests, these cabins feature all the comforts of home while placing you in the heart of over 10,000 acres of pristine, West Virginia wilderness.  With tons of trails to hike, sights to see, and access to an 11-acre lake, you may have a hard time going home.  Contact Watoga State Park at 304-799-4087. 

Seneca State Forest  

West Virginia’s oldest state forest, Seneca State Forest covers nearly 13,000 acres of beautiful, wild woodlands just waiting for you to explore and enjoy.  Seneca has eight cabins for you to choose from and these are one of our more amazing, unique lodging options when it comes to cabins in Nature’s Mountain Playground.  While these rustic cabins offer gas lights, gas refrigerators, and a wood burning cook stove, there is no electricity or running water (there are hand-pump wells), making these cabins ideal for anyone looking to experience a true frontier-style vacation.  If this rustic, Pocahontas County lodging calls to your inner “frontiersman spirit”, contact Seneca State Forest at 304-799-6213 for further information.

Vacation rentals in Pocahontas County can mean anything from a campsite to pitch your tent to staying at snowshoe mountain in a high-end condominium.  But somewhere between sleeping on the ground (oh! my back) and sleeping on the slopes, you’ll find the secluded cabin option.  As I said, when growing up, this was one camping opportunity I never had the chance to try.  But as of this writing, I’m starting to think I missed out on something kind of special.  If your vacation plans include finding quiet, cozy getaways in a relaxing, outdoor setting, with all the creature comforts of home, why not give a secluded cabin a try?  And when it comes to finding the cabin that’s just right for you, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it right here, in Nature’s Mountain Playground.