Reconnect with Christmas  

Michael Moore

Well as of this writing, we find ourselves in mid-December; the point during the Christmas season that you find yourself solidly planted in one of two camps.  You’ve either finished with the decorating, shopping, and wrapping of gifts and all that remains is to put the Christmas cards in the mail and the cookies in the oven.  Or for those of you in the second camp, you’re sizing up the calendar convincing yourself there’s still plenty of time to get started on the aforementioned tasks of the other camp.  And regardless of which camp you find yourself in, this seems like a good time to share a friendly reminder – “Tide and time wait for no man.”  The point is, whether you’re ready for Christmas or have yet to lift a Grinchy finger in preparation, Christmas is coming – ready or not.

And while there is admittedly a rush of adrenaline during the buildup just before Christmas; the last few days of checking your list twice and making certain everything is ready for the big day,  that’s not necessarily what I’m aiming for with this blog.  My thoughts are more focused on the calm that settles in once we’re just a day or two away from Christmas morning; that peaceful time when we realize there’s nothing more to do but shift gears, slow down, and just enjoy the arrival of Christmas.  There’s something about the contrast between the world’s hectic preparation for Christmas and Christmas day itself, when the world seems to slow down (at least for one day), that highlights the true meaning of Christmas.  It is truly a time for peace and goodwill. 

Now if travel is included in your holiday plans this Christmas season, and you’re looking for a destination that embodies the calm and peace of Christmas I’m touching on, may I suggest a visit to Nature’s Mountain Playground, Pocahontas County, West Virginia.  Christmas in Pocahontas County means slowing down, connecting with the outdoors, and enjoying the simple beauty of Christmas along with a nice sprinkling and welcome absence of commercial hype.  What better location than the pristine and rugged environment of Nature’s Mountain Playground to step away from the pressures of this time of year and get back to the real meaning of Christmas?  Afterall, time spent with family and friends during the Christmas season is time always well spent.

Start your Nature’s Mountain Playground Christmas with a visit to Snowshoe Mountain Resort.  Snowshoe kicks off their Holiday Celebrations beginning December 23, 2023.  Come join the good folks on the mountain and enjoy Christmas at a whole new elevation.  Whether you’re on the slopes or by a fire, enjoy the Christmas season surrounded by fresh snow fall, stary nighttime skies and plenty of hot chocolate.  The celebration runs from December 23rd to the 31st so you have plenty of time to unplug, relax, and make some very special Christmas memories. 

And if you happen to plan spending Christmas eve here in Nature’s Mountain Playground, be sure to check out the Snowshoe Village Celebration December 24, 2023.  This celebration will definitely round out your Christmas eve checklist; hot chocolate, caroling, tree lighting, and a visit from Old Saint Nick himself will round out the evening.

The magic and wonder of Christmas is on display all over Pocahontas County.  Bundle up the kids and hit the road for some family quality time on a road trip through the towns of Cass and Marlinton to see displays of Christmas lights and festive decorations of all kinds.  Pack some cookies and hot chocolate and brush up on your favorite Christmas carols while you spend time with those you love this holiday season. 

And once you’ve taken in all the man-made lights, why not check out the best light show of all?  Head out to Watoga State Park or Seneca State Forest and get out under the stars.  What better way to slow down and remember that very first Christmas and the significance of the star on that special night?

Well as I said, mid-December is crunch time for some and smooth sailing for others.  Whether you’re ready for Christmas or still have a sleigh full of things to do, Christmas is coming.  But once you get past all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the big day, why not slow down, focus on the simple things, and just enjoy the season.  Take a moment and reflect on what we are really celebrating.  Pull back from all the sales and pressure to buy that perfect gift and spend time with those you love.  Make memories.  And if you choose to spend that time with us here in Nature’s Mountain Playground, we’d love to share the beauty of a mountain Christmas with you. 

Merry Christmas!