Some Much Needed Trip Inspo – Stay Inspired While Staying At Home!

We know all of you are stuck at home right now. We’re all dreaming of the days where we can travel, get out and hit the road! Stop in a roadside pub for a cheeseburger, a cold beer and intriguing conversation with the local bartender. 

While you may not be able to travel to beautiful Nature’s Mountain Playground right now, we want to help you plan for your future trip to our beautiful destination! And while these certainly aren’t all of our amazing attractions, lodging establishments and locations – we condensed a list of some must sees on your next trip to Pocahontas County, WV. 

Check the scenic and inspirational locations and attractions below, so you can plan to partake and visit us once this is all over! We’re so eager to greet all of you once again! Until then dream and plan!

Beartown State Park
Photo Credit: Mike Moore

Beartown State Park – A Geographic Marvel

In an age of technology that virtually puts the world at our fingertips, it is hard to imagine that a simple wooden boardwalk, winding around towering sandstone boulders, can somehow hold travelers in awe. But then again, Beartown State Park is so much more than a boardwalk and boulders. Secluded on the eastern summit of Droop Mountain, straddling the boarder of Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties; seven miles southwest of Hillsboro, Beartown State Park is a 110-acre geological time machine. It has been estimated the formation of these massive sandstone outcroppings, jutting cliffs and deep crevasses took place approximately 300 million years ago. Imagine briefly disconnecting from our modern world, strolling along a boardwalk of simple wooden planks and reaching out to touch a piece of the world long here before any of us.

Highland Scenic Highway Sunset
Photo Credit: Mike Moore

Highland Scenic Highway – Stunning Sunsets

Whether by car, motorcycle or hiking boots, the Highland Scenic Highway, extending from Richwood to Route 219 North of Marlinton, offers travelers an opportunity to experience the unspoiled beauty of the Allegheny Highlands. A day filled with blue sky and sunshine promises to find the byway bustling with those hungry for scenic views of pristine mountains and valleys. But for those of us with a different appetite, may I suggest turning off the engine, dropping the backpack and sitting in the still and wonder of a mountain sunrise. There is something inspiring about being witness to the birth of a new day.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park – Take A Step Back In Time

Take a step back in time and experience what life was like back in the logging boom of the mid to late 1900s. You can explore Cass Scenic Railroad State Park by foot, by bike or by steam-powered engines! Via Mountain Rail Adventures, you can choose from two different and unique scenic train rides that trace the railways that used to be used in the logging days, and see epic vistas that stretch for miles! Be sure to stop at the Cass Company Store to purchase classic and unique souvenirs to take home and grab a bite next door at Last Run Restaurant, where you can eat the most delicious homemade meals ask made fresh by sister trio that makes up Blue Roof Caterers.

Snowshoe Mountain Overlook

Snowshoe Mountain Resort – An Island In The Sky

At Snowshoe Mountain Resort, adventure is endless from 4,848 feet in elevation! 
From epic downhill skiing in the winter, to adrenaline pumping downhill mountain biking in the summer – there are countless ways to find thrilling adventure at Snowshoe Mountain Resort. If family fun and relaxation is more your style, you’ll find bliss at Shaver’s Lake, hiking the endless trails around the resort, or shopping and dining at some of the finest dining in the county!

Green Bank Observatory
Photo Credit: Timothy Luce, Presidio Studios

Green Bank Observatory – Seeking Secrets From the Universe + Beyond

At 485 feet tall, the Green Bank Telescope is the world’s largest, steerable telescope. Housed at the Green Bank Observatory, the Green Bank Telescope is a vital piece of astronomical exploration! It’s key in listening to the high frequency waves that tell the secrets of the great universe. From Science Center exploration, to public tours – there’s so much fun and science to be uncovered at Green Bank Observatory.

And, while you’re in Nature’s Mountain Playground – be sure to look up at any one spot in the sky on a clear evening. You’ll be in awe at our beautiful night sky!

Gaudineer Scenic Area
Photo Credit: Mike Moore

Gaudineer Scenic Area – A Fairytale Forest Amongst The Mountains

In a forest where the trees stand as tall as giants, Gaudineer Scenic Area is a stop that you most definitely want to make while on your next trip in Nature’s Mountain Playground! This 140-acre tract of forest is mostly virgin and second growth red spruce, and is what remains of an area of undisturbed and unlogged timber. Only 5 1/2 miles North of Durbin off US Route 250, and a few miles down the designated Forest Service Road, Gaudineer Scenic Area is a perfect stop for families, couples, or solo travelers looking for a scenic stop, backdrop or fun hike!

Seneca Fire Tower
Photo Credit: Timothy Luce, Presidio Studios

Seneca Fire Tower – Overnight In The Clouds

Picture yourself staying amongst the clouds at Seneca State Forest. An overnight stay inside the Seneca Fire Tower is an exciting and unique way to stay in Nature’s Mountain Playground. With 360 panoramic views of sunsets and sunrises, the Seneca Fire Tower offers guests with a bed, and a small living space, perfect for the outdoor recreationist that is seeking an overnight adventure to return to after a day of exploring.

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