Looking to Get Away this West Virginia Day? We Have a Few Ideas

Mike Moore

Who doesn’t like celebrating a birthday?  Well, other than Aunt Martha who would rather the day quietly pass unnoticed, most of us enjoy the thought of our birthday; having that special day of our own, filled with the possibility of cake, gifts, and recognition for having made another trip around the sun.  When it comes to celebrating a birthday, you can go big; a day of partying, with lots of guests and food, or you can choose a quiet, simple celebration at home with minimal fuss.  Unless you find yourself in the middle of a surprise party (or you’re two years old), how you celebrate your birthday is mostly up to you.  The one thing that seems pretty consistent about birthdays, however, is the more you have, the more they become significant.  Can you imagine the festivities for someone reaching, say, 160 years old?  Now I don’t personally know of anyone living today that has celebrated their 160th birthday, but I do know of a state that is about to reach that milestone.  You guessed it.  June 20, 2023, West Virginia Day, will be the 160th birthday of the great state of West Virginia.  And we say when it comes to celebrating a state’s birthday, why not get out and see the best that state has to offer?  And here in Pocahontas County, we believe you’ll find some of the best getaway destinations in West Virginia.  So, here’s a few weekend getaway ideas to help you get out and celebrate – big or small – West Virginia Day with us here in Nature’s Mountain Playground as we wish The Mountain State a happy 160th birthday.

In-Town Getaway

If your idea of getting away for the weekend is more about the amenities and creature comforts of an in-town stay rather than roughing it in the wild, then you’ll love a weekend in Marlinton.  Your lodging options range from a cabin stay at the Mason Jar Cabin, Jerico Pre-Civil War Log Cabins, or Country River Cabins to a quaint inn getaway at the Locust Hill Inn or the Old Clark Inn.  Once you’ve got yourself settled in, take a little time to get to know Marlinton.  Visit local shops like The Cackling Hens, the Pocahontas County Artisan Gallery, the 4th Avenue Mason Jar Trading Post, the HandMade WV Market, or the Rivertown Shops, our newest shop featuring local artisans.  After a little shopping be sure to grab a quick lunch at the Dirt Bean or the Greenbrier Grill.  And once you’re refueled, a leisurely walk or bike ride along the banks of the Greenbrier River on the Greenbrier River Trail is a great way to work off that lunch (and justify the ice cream you’ll want later).  If your getaway this West Virginia Day is doubling as a little quality time with that special someone in your life, wrap up your visit to Marlinton with a romantic sunset view up on the Highland Scenic Highway, just a few miles from the heart of Marlinton.

Couple’s Getaway

And speaking of a getaway doubling as a little quality time with your significant other, romantic getaways are a great way to vacation in West Virginia in general and particularly in Pocahontas County.  Whether it’s a week or a weekend, taking time away to reconnect with that special someone in your life is always time well spent.  And a couple’s getaway in Nature’s Mountain Playground is ideal for sharing new experiences and spending quality time together.  Start your getaway with one of the many distinctive lodging options found throughout Pocahontas County.  Book a stay at Elk River Inn and Cabins for a secluded getaway in the Monongahela National Forest.  Guests can choose from eight guest rooms and four cabins for that perfect time alone.  A couple’s getaway at Elk River can include hiking, biking, fishing or just a healthy dose of quiet time together in a beautiful and tranquil setting.  For more adventurous couples, how about an overnight stay 65 feet in the air?  The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower, located in Seneca State Forest, is made available for one-night rentals from May to October.  You’ll want to pack in food, lights and blankets as the 12-foot by 12-foot cab of the tower provides little more than two cots.  But with floor to ceiling windows on every side of you, what better place to wrap up in those blankets and share a sunset or sunrise with that special someone?  And for you couples looking for one of the most popular vacation spots in Pocahontas County, consider booking a stay at Snowshoe Mountain Resort.  Snowshoe vacation rentals can include a stay at Allegheny SpringsSoaring Eagle Lodge or any of over thirty lodging options available.  Once you’ve unpacked and had a little time in the pool or hot tub, head out for dinner at Appalachia Kitchen for one of their delicious farm-to-table meals and finish the night up with a craft beer and moonlight stroll through Snowshoe’s Village.  With first-class lodging, shopping and dining all in one location, you’ll soon discover why Snowshoe is one of the most popular resorts around when it comes to getaways in West Virginia.

Family Getaway

Why not use this West Virginia Day as a jumping off point for the family summer vacation?  With five state parks, two state forests, more than 800 miles of hiking and biking trails plus a variety of outdoor attractions, Nature’s Mountain Playground is one of the best destinations for family getaways in West Virginia.  Why not go big and start your next family adventure at Watoga State Park?  At over 10,000 acres, Watoga State Park is the largest state park in West Virginia.  The park features 34 cabins as well as a total of 88 campsites divided between two campgrounds, an 11-acre lake and multiple hiking trails just waiting to be discovered.  Be sure to start your mornings off with a big camp breakfast to keep you moving all day long (and to help keep up with the kids).  Explore the trails throughout the park and climb up the Ann Bailey Lookout Tower.  After a morning of hiking and exploring, cool off at the lake with a paddleboat ride or make a quick run to Jack Horner’s Corner to rent a kayak or inner tube for a relaxing float down the Greenbrier River.  Don’t forget to set a day aside for a trip to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.  Spend the day learning the history of this nearly unchanged company town built in 1901 for loggers working in the surrounding mountains.  Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a ride in one of the open-air cars pulled by an authentic Shay locomotive as it navigates its way up the mountain; still riding the same rail line built in 1901.  Finish your day back at camp with dinner around a relaxing camp fire; building family memories that will last a lifetime.

As Nature’s Mountain Playground prepares to wish The Mountain State a happy 160th birthday, what better way for you to join the celebration than a mountain vacation?  Whether it’s an in-town stay, a romantic getaway, or an outing for the whole family, why not make this West Virginia Day an opportunity to come visit some of the best loved travel destinations in the state – Pocahontas County, West Virginia.