5 Pocahontas County Adventures You Have to Experience in 2024

Stepping into a new year opens up a world of exciting activities and events to add to your calendar. From picturesque winter train rides to historical celebrations, Pocahontas County is filled with must-do experiences. Here are five adventures to add to your 2024 trip itinerary.

1. Winter Train Rides on the Greenbrier Express

Escape into a snowy wonderland with the Greenbrier Express winter special, a mesmerizing roundtrip from Cass to Durbin offered by Mountain Rail Adventures. Every weekend from January to April, this 30-mile journey takes you through the serene Monongahela National Forest, offering glimpses of wildlife and stunning mountain scenes. The Greenbrier Express, a recent addition to the Cass Scenic Railroad, follows the original 95-mile railway constructed in 1902 by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway for timber resource development. Today, the restored track takes you on the northernmost 15-mile portion, showcasing the resilient spirit of the region. Sightings of deer, black bears, eagles, hawks, ospreys and other birds are common, providing a truly immersive experience. Whether you choose to savor lunch in Durbin or on the train, this excursion is a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Pocahontas County in the colder months. 

2. The Allegheny Trail’s 50th Anniversary

On September 6-8, join the celebration of the Allegheny Trail’s 50th anniversary, a testament to West Virginia’s longest hiking trail. Stretching 311 miles from the Mason-Dixon Line to the West Virginia-Virginia border, the trail showcases the state’s natural wonders. Founded in 1972 by the West Virginia Scenic Trail Association, the Allegheny Trail was conceived by two avid backpackers who wanted to create a long-distance hiking trail through West Virginia. Pocahontas County falls within Sections 2 and 3, offering hikers diverse landscapes. From Blackwater Falls State Park to the Cass Scenic Railroad (Section 2) and then onto Greenbrier County (Section 3), immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of this iconic trail during this special celebration. Visit the Allegheny Trail’s website for updates on this event. 

3. UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships at Snowshoe

Gear up for an adrenaline-packed experience as Snowshoe Mountain hosts the 2024 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships on September 21 and 22. This challenging race, featuring courses up to 100 miles, brings together elite mountain bikers from around the globe. The Snowshoe Highlands Ride Center, the only International Mountain Biking Association-designated Ride Center™ in West Virginia and the second Silver Level on the East Coast, offers a thrilling blend of gravity park terrain and backcountry single-track biking. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a spectator, this event promises to elevate your mountain biking experience. Explore Snowshoe Mountain’s biking terrain for yourself before the professionals get here! 

4. Hammons Fiddle and Banjo Contest at Pioneer Days 

Embrace the rich musical heritage of Pocahontas County at the Hammons Family Fiddle and Banjo Contest on July 13. Held at Discovery Junction in Marlinton, this contest showcases skilled musicians competing in various divisions. The contest, named in honor of the county’s most celebrated traditional musicians, features old-time fiddle, bluegrass fiddle, banjo and youth categories. This highly anticipated musical event draws in visitors from all around. Immerse yourself in the sounds of Appalachian music and enjoy the lively atmosphere. This event, part of the Pioneer Days festival, is a vibrant celebration of community spirit, tradition and Appalachian culture. 

5. Fort Warwick’s 250th Anniversary

Step back in time to 1774 and witness history come alive at Fort Warwick’s 250th Anniversary Celebration on June 22 and 23. Located in Green Bank, this event will feature colonial reenactors, artisans and musicians demonstrating 18th-century life. Constructed by Virginia militia at the forks of Deer Creek, Fort Warwick offers a glimpse into the frontier defense history of the region. Participate in ongoing archaeological excavations of Fort Warwick, take a guided tour of the museum and the traditional maple syrup-producing sugar shack, and explore the historic cemetery. This celebration is a unique opportunity to connect with the roots of Pocahontas County and experience colonial history firsthand.

We hope to welcome you to Pocahontas County this year! Request a free copy of our Adventure Guide to start planning your 2024 getaway.