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Saturday, February 22 & Saturday, March 21, see for yourself what makes Mountain State maple syrup, extra sweet & unique!

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News Releases

Cooks wanted for WV RoadKill Cook-off

- July 17, 2009

    Pocahontas County officials today announced the time for signing up for the Autumn Harvest Festival and the RoadKill Cook-off is right now because space is limited.
The Festival is a showcase for the West Virginia RoadKill Cook-off which was featured this year on Newsweek.com and CNN.com as well as Rachel Ray’s EveryDay Meals.
    “Cooks need to register now for the event,” says Autumn Harvest Festival chairperson, Sherry Radcliff.  “We’re looking for a great competition this year as many of our seasoned cooks will be back and there is a batch of new cooks who will be heavy competitors.”
    The event, one of many activities that go on during Marlinton’s Autumn Harvest Festival, is actually a cleverly disguised wild game cook-off.   The rules actually stipulate only that the main ingredient be an animal commonly found dead along the side of the road.  However, the rules go on to stress that the judges prefer the cooks not use real roadkill, and in fact will deduct points for gravel and other foreign objects found in the fare.  Judges names are not revealed until the day of the competition to dissuade any contact by contestants. 
    Radcliff announced that this year’s first place winner will walk away with one thousand dollars prize money along with distinguished bragging rights. 
Cooks wanting to pre-register can go to the website www.pccocwv.com  or call the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800-336-7009 to get a registration form by mail.
    Crafters won’t want to miss bringing their wares to this popular event.  All of downtown section of Marlinton is barricaded off so craft artisans can display and sell their wares.  “West Virginia has very unique crafts and we feature some of the specialty items that crafters offer around here,” says Radcliff of the Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce.    You’ll see anything from handmade afghans to gourmet candy made right here in Pocahontas County.  Wood products such as hand crafted birdhouses abound while unique products hand sewn quilts and stained glass works bring a unique element to the show.  Mixed in among them are non-profit food vendors with music in the background from the Gazebo area as well s City National Bank parking lot.  As usual, the cooking will take place at the Gazebo area. 
     For information or details to join in on all the fun call the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800-336-7009.

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